How Long Do Results Last?

Results with Smiles of Melbourne typically last 6-12 months, however it does fluctuate depending on general oral care and maintenance. Some will find their results last 3-4 months, while others might find results last upto 2 years. If you’re looking to get the most out of your treatment, we recommend using our take home whitening […]


Does Teeth Whitening Hurt

Sensitivity In the first 24 hours after whitening treatment, you may experience some tooth sensitivity. Sensitivity amongst individuals can be very unpredictable, and is usually very mild. Sensitivity from teeth whitening is a very different kind of sensitivity to what you may receive on a normal day. Normal sensitivity is usually due to hot or […]


What To Expect

What to expect At Smiles of Melbourne, our whitening treatment works by removing any stains and impurities from your teeth. This means that we are able to effectively whiten your teeth to their most natural state. However, for some individuals this does not mean ‘paper-white’ teeth. Many of the ‘hollywood white’ smiles are veneers, and […]


How We Whiten Your Teeth

So, let’s talk details! Basically, we cover your lips, gums and cheeks so that only your teeth are being exposed, and put the gel on for you. The key ingredient in our teeth whitening procedure lies within our highly concentrated hydrogen peroxide gel, which opens the pores in your teeth to break down and extract […]