How We Whiten Your Teeth

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So, let’s talk details!

Basically, we cover your lips, gums and cheeks so that only your teeth are being exposed, and put the gel on for you. The key ingredient in our teeth whitening procedure lies within our highly concentrated hydrogen peroxide gel, which opens the pores in your teeth to break down and extract any stains in your teeth. Our whitening formula does not wear away your teeth or damage your enamel.

Then, you’ll sit back for two rounds of 15 minutes with the light. We then use a gel activating light to produce maximum whitening results, in the shortest possible time.

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The gel is applied to the front side of your teeth, meaning you can continue swallowing as normal during your procedure. Every now and then the gel may slip in between and get to the gums, causing a white mark on the gums. If this happens, it’s very temporary and usually goes away by itself within one or two hours.

We only employ qualified Australian dentists to perform your treatment, so rest assured it’s completely safe.

Unfortunately, we are unable to perform treatment women pregnant or breastfeeding and those on any skin medication sensitive to the light.

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2 Locations:

2/44 Ross Street, Toorak, VIC 3142

1/33 Macedon Rd, Templestowe Lower, VIC 3107

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Home Whitening Kit

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$150 Buy Now

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