To start off our series of reviews I have just this past month received my order of SugarBearHair Vitamin Gummies…..


Boasting results like these just from taking two of these cute little blue gummies per day:


Now my hair is curly and follows zero rules, so to have it grow visibly in one month would be pretty insane. I have also bleached it and will continue to bleach my locks, so I can use regrowth as my growth measurement! I have purchased a three month supply of SugarBearHair and will take a picture every month to see how I go. Fingers crossed that since this product has been popular among the Kardashians, who are also big fans of bleach, that perhaps I am in luck and SugarBearHair will improve the condition of my hair.


Here’s a little photobooth pic of me in the clinic! So like I said, since my hair is pretty curly, I won’t be using length at the ends as my measurement, I’ll be using the growth of my natural hair color to the start of my recent blonde foils!



After cracking open the package and getting into one of the bottles, the first impression was how sweet the gummies smelled and how sweet they tasted. They are absolutely delicious! I am not embarrassed to admit I finished the first bottle way before the first month went by because these little gummies taste like lollies  hahah.



So far I have seen no difference in the shape, feel or quality of my hair despite OD-ing on a whole bottle in the first week haha. There are some pretty interesting reviews on the SugarBearHair site mostly very positive 5 star ratings which refer mostly to bigger growth and thickness of hair and nails, then there are some that claim their hair is in better condition all the way down to the ends?? This makes no sense seeing as your hair is actually dead therefore there is no circulation of the nutrients from the root and follicle to the ends of your hair… so on that note, let’s debunk some common hair myths!


Myth #1 Cutting your hair makes it grow faster and fuller


Sure cutting your hair makes the ENDS look healthier and stops split ends from coming further up the hair shaft and saving you needing to cut it even more next time you see the hairdresser. However, no matter what, your hair grows from the root not from the end. So what you do to the ends aren’t really going to change what is happening at your roots.


Myth #2 Tweezing out a grey hair means two will come back in its place


Think of it like waxing your legs, have you noticed that when you repeatedly pull hairs out of your skin that your follicles actually stop producing as much hair? So when you are pulling a grey hair out of your head you are potentially damaging the follicle meaning it is less likely you will grow more grey hairs out of that spot. That being said, if you have grey hairs, it probably means you will be seeing more grey hairs pop up anyway (Sorry!!).


Myth #3 Let your hair dry naturally because blow drying is bad for it


Actually if you put your hairdryer on a low heat setting and dry it while blowing it all over your hair so you don’t leave it in one place for too long it should cause less breakage.This is compared to leaving your wet hair in a tight bun or pony and then going about your day (or worse, straight to sleep!).


Stay tuned for more articles in this series as we review the weird and wonderful beauty products of the world! My next beauty adventures are going to be with one of those super cool (and super gross) foot peeling masks and the latest Magnetic Fake Eyelashes craze!
I’ll be updating you guys next month to see what has happened with my hair!


The team and myself are all having a brilliant time reviewing some of the biggest product trends of 2017 so if you have any fresh ideas, products or trends to suggest to us, email or send us a message on our Insta Smilesof.Melbourne!

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