Three One 2 One - Should You Trust The Hype?


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If you haven’t heard of Three One 2 One by now you’ve been living under a rock and the rock you’ve been living under, has also been living under a rock. That or you actually went through with the New Year’s diet and Mega Burgers and Freak Shakes totally aren’t your thing. If so, good on you! But time to click away cause you’re about to put on at least 3 lbs by just reading this article.  


Three One 2 One have a modern day backing to challenge most, with an army of followers across social media and an abundance of positive online reviews. But as someone who lives their life like a groundhog day of overeating, I prefer a much more hands on approach of judgement. Splitting my visiting into 3 (before food, during and after), here I offer small insight into the big feeds at Three One 2 One and ultimately answer the killer question – should you trust the hype? 



Three One 2 One has a prime location on Bridge Road in Richmond. Unlike most cafes in Melbourne, they open from 11am-9pm Monday-Sunday serving breakfast, lunch and dinner. 


3121 Counter

Upon arrival I was pleasantly surprised with the relaxed vibe and decor. The cafe itself was spacious with a sheltered and heated outdoor area.  

3121 Outside

The staff were welcoming and pretended to enjoy my horrendous banter which was fantastic. Their menu offers familiar brunch items at fair prices, including Smashed Avo ($15), Acai Bowl ($15) and Eggs on Toast ($9.50). Also featured is a Toastie section ($13) and Cocktail list ($10-$13). But if like me you’ve been scrolling through their Instagram whilst trying not to eat your phone, you’re here for the Crazy Thick Shakes and range of eye-boggling burgers. 





Although I could happily sit here and describe each of these in depth, quite frankly I’d get way too hungry and my favourite pair of jeans can’t afford that. But spoiler alert – the entire meal, the whole ‘during food’ section. Oh my. Just so freaking good. Standouts for me were: 


Loaded Fries with Chilli Cheese Sauce ($12) 

Perfectly cooked, perfectly seasoned and slathered in a rich, ooey gooey cheese sauce. These fries were nothing less than heavenly. I loved the pop of garnish as well, with the onion playing off nicely with the cheese. 


Kick Ass Mac n’ Cheese ($15)‘Beef Pattie, Double Cheese, Bacon, Green Oak Lettuce, Tomato, Jalapenos, Mac n’ Cheese Sauce & Ketchup on a Brioche Bun’ 

  3121 Kick Ass Mac n Cheese Close Up

This burger was actually voted top 5 in Melbourne back in 2016. I don’t know what beat it to the finish line but holy smokes they must have been good. The way that silky mac n’ cheese just poured out from beneath the bun was almost too much to bare.  


And ketchup!! Like are you kidding me!? I’ve been judged for putting ketchup with mac n’ cheese since time began and now Three One 2 One do this to me! Just take my money. 


Dough!! ($15)‘Honeycomb Crunch Ice Cream, Vanilla Sandwich & Cookie Dough Ice Cream’ 

 3121 Dough Shake

I mean it did say “all shakes have surprise topping” but I don’t think there’s much that can prepare you for the insides of an ice cream van being attached to it. But what an absolute edible masterpiece right? 

 3121 Dough Shake Overhead

If you make it through the sugar coma you’ll reach the shake itself, which in turn was absolutely delicious. 



Apart from ‘I wonder if the gym’s still open’, I left with one main concluding thought regarding how great value everything was. I personally expected the food, especially the burgers to be way more pricey than it was. The great thing is I also truly believe that the quality isn’t compromised either. The way the burgers are constructed, the flavour, the creative combos, the size. It’s clear to see Three One 2 One have mastered the art of big feeds.

But you’re also getting so much for your money with the little things here too. Breakfast, lunch and dinner options – sure. GF, vegetarian and healthy options – absolutely. Coffee, Mojitos, Waffles, Toasties. You name it, they’ve got it. Right from the warming staff to the fact that a portion of your bill goes towards Rhino preservation, what Three One 2 One offer is an experience; one that certainly lives up to their reputation we see online.

So one last time – should you trust the hype? Hell freakin’ yes you should! 

 3121 Chilli Cheese Fries Hands


Address: 424 Bridge Road, Richmond Vic 3121 

Hours: Monday/Friday 11am-9pm Saturday/Sunday 10am – 9pm 

Phone: 0385294907 


Instagram: @threeone2one (HTML – 

Facebook:@threeone2one (HTML – 

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