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What to expect

At Smiles of Melbourne, our whitening treatment works by removing any stains and impurities from your teeth. This means that we are able to effectively whiten your teeth to their most natural state.

However, for some individuals this does not mean ‘paper-white’ teeth. Many of the ‘hollywood white’ smiles are veneers, and it is not possible to achieve those kinds of results during whiteing.  What you can expect, however, are instant and noticeable whitening results directly after the one hour appointment.

Our treatment works most effectively on individuals aged in their 20s and 30s, however people of all ages can receive our whitening.

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Why Smiles of Melbourne

The main difference between whitening with a dentist and with a non-dentist is usually concentration. With home whitening kits or salon treatment, the main ingredient is generally limited to about 6% of concentration. At Smiles of Melbourne, we use 25%. We use different methods and techniques to provide you with instant results directly after your treatment.

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2 Locations:

2/44 Ross Street, Toorak, VIC 3142

1/33 Macedon Rd, Templestowe Lower, VIC 3107

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Home Whitening Kit

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$150 Buy Now

$150 Buy Now

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