Ok.. so every brand boasts that their products are the best, and we’re constantly bombarded with varying opinions and reviews from makeup artists and influences, so how do we know which products work and which don’t?


Here are 5 Mascara products that we know are actually worth the hype- because we’ve tried and tested them ourselves!


Better Than Sex Mascara- Too Faced

This is probably my favourite Mascara of all time- it’s lightweight, it doesn’t clump your lashes and the little wand seems to last forever! It’s the perfect every-day mascara and ensures that each lash is curled and coated to last all day long. The brush is almost as good as the actual product and the formula can be layered to create an even more dramatic effect.


Get it from MECCA $33AUD

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BADgal Bang! Mascara- Benefit Cosmetics
There was sooo much hype when Benefit first launched this new “game changing” mascara. And it was worth it! This is the perfect mascara to use for volumized jet-black lashes. It is perfect to use on a night out when you can’t be bothered mucking around with false eye-lash glue, and lasts 36 hours without smudging or fading!


Get it from SEPHORA $42AUD

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Velvet Noir Major Volume Mascara- Marc Jacobs Beauty

My go-to mascara is definitely any mascara that contains fibres. These little gems add so much length to your natural lashes it’s as if you’ve got lash extensions on. The mascara was inspired by Marc Jacobs earliest memory as a young boy watching his mum put on makeup. His mother would scrape a black velvet ribbon with a knife to make the scrapings into false lashes. This mascara boasts 300% more volume in just one stroke!


Get it from SEPHORA $26AUD

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Mascara Volume Effet Faux Cils (shade: violet)- YSL

Ya-huh, I wrote it correctly… Violet. I know it sounds strange but if you’re bold enough to try it, purple pigmented mascara can do wonders for your eye appearance. For light coloured eyes, such as blue and green, the violent pigment makes your eyes pop and seem even more blue and bright. It’s super hard to tell that you’re actually wearing purple mascara once its on your eyes too!


Get it from YSL BEAUTY $57AUD

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Extended Play Gigablack Lash Mascara- MAC Cosmetics
This has got to be the best waterproof mascara of all time! I’m sure i’m not alone in saying I love waterproof mascara when I’m at the beach or watching sad movies, but hate it when I’m in the shower trying to scrub it off! This Mac mascara will last up to 16 hours and stay waterproof but is thermal activated and easily swipes off with warm water! Saves rummaging around for eye makeup remover and avoiding the panda-eyes.


Get it from MAC COSMETICS $33AUD

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