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Smiles Of Melbourne is Australia’s leading teeth whitening Dental Studio. Owned and operated by dentists, we do one thing and we do it REALLY well! Teeth Whitening.

Simply by being a dental practice we get access to the most effective ingredients in the world that many other non-dentists cannot access. Many companies claim to be “dentist-grade” when in fact they are “supermarket-grade”.

We all know someone who can brighten up the room with their smile. Here at Smiles Of Melbourne, it is our life’s mission to offer every individual who walks through the door the opportunity to be that person. We offer our patients more than one way to whiten their teeth and get that beautiful smile they’ve been wanting for a long time.

Everything we do is based around making beautiful smiles. Our most popular method of whitening is our in-office, single appointment whitening treatment. In one hour, you can walk out with a brand new and beautiful white smile. The secret is our uniquely produced whitening formula and the guarantee of a dentist or qualified and dental board registered oral health therapist performing your treatment to make sure you get the best results.

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