Everything You Need To Know About Lip Fillers & Anti-Wrinkle Treatment

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On average, 4-6 months. Areas that move more (like your forehead or lips may last less). Every person is different and it ultimately depends on how quickly your body breaks down the medicine.

We only use temporary treatments because what looks good on your skin today may not be what’s best for your skin in a few years.

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Anti-wrinkle treatment works by relaxing the muscles under your skin. This slows down the muscle movement and gives the skin on the surface a chance to heal naturally and soften any wrinkles you may have.

Lip fillers work by using Hyaluronic Acid. This material is already naturally produced by your body in the skin (also used in moisturisers and eye drops). It fills in the middle section of the skin and the body adapts to it very well. Hyaluronic Acid is great at absorbing water and that is how it gets most of its volume. Over a few months, your body will dissolve the material just like it dissolves the same material it already produces in your skin.

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The purpose of any cosmetic treatment is to enhance what you already have instead of changing it. All our dentists believe in natural looking results to suit your individual style. Book a free consult with our dentists to discuss how your body will handle the treatment and what to expect.



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The most common things are bruising, redness, swelling at the areas that were treated. These are very temporary and often only last a couple of days. They can be managed very easily with mild pain killers like panadol or gentle icing where it is uncomfortable.

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Yes, anti-wrinkle treatment has been used for a long time and been proven to be very safe and very predictable in the hands of a qualified health professional. All our dentists have completed additional training and qualifications specifically to perform anti-wrinkle and lip filler treatments.

Many clinics will have the consult performed by a doctor then have the treatment performed by a beautician or a lesser qualified person. With Smiles of Melbourne, the same dentist that you meet at your consult is the same dentist that will perform your treatment.

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Cosmetic injectable treatment is performed with very fine equipment and is usually comfortable in the hands of our qualified Australian dentists.

When needed, our dentists can numb up your lips to make the whole experience more comfortable.

Most clinic won’t be able to numb your lips during treatment because only a dentist can legal perform these numbing procedures.

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For the first 4-6 hours
– apply makeup
– exercise
– drink alcohol
– sleep / lay down

For the first 24 hours:
– rub/massage the treatment area
– get any facial treatments
– travel on an airplane
– go to extreme temperatures (like a sauna)

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Unfortunately not 🙁

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Lip Fillers: $450 (1ml)
Forehead Wrinkles (includes eyebrows): $497
Crows Feet Wrinkles: $297
Eyebrow Wrinkles: $297

Unlike many places, we do not charge per unit for anti-wrinkle. We charge per area.

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