What will not whiten?

Unfortunately, anything synthetic (like fillings, crowns and veneers) will not whiten. However, our whitening treatment will remove any stains that have built up over the years.

This brings them back to their original colour, which is most often a lighter colour depending on how old they are. We’ve found this is usually only an issue if the whole tooth is fake. If the synthetic material is small they tend to blend in much better, however may stand out within the first few days after treatment. This is normal, and will blend back in once your teeth have rehydrated.

The part of your tooth closest to your gums can often be darker in colour, and this is a reflection of your natural tooth structure. Our whitening will make everything whiter, therefore the part of your tooth that may be darker will continue to be relatively darker to the whiter teeth.

Tetracycline stains and any other developmental defects caused from the inside of the tooth will also not take to the treatment.


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