Map of Melbourne 1838

By Genevieve Neve

Photo: ABC


2. Melbourne is organised

Since early city planning Melbourne was thought out on a grid pattern. Like other wonderful cities of the world this makes it easier to get around and lessens congestion. In melbourne there is a free tram service in the city centre, a large extended tram service as well as buses, trains and bikes for hire. This is a pretty easy going city because it is easy to get around you can also walk a lot. A walkable city makes the city safer, more community minded and generally nicer which leads me to my second reason why melbourne is the best city in the world.



Dogapoloza Melbourne


2. Melbourne people are friendly

Whether they were born and breed here or transplants from elsewhere. Melbourne seems to attract friendly people that care about their community. Because it is such a liveable city, you might make friends at the numerous dogs parks or perhaps a local farmers market, food truck park or whatever awesome social gathering is happening. Shop assistants are very kind and helpful regardless of where you go unlike the experience you may get 10 hours north of here, if you know what I mean. Wink Wink.


Photo: Brother Burger


3. Melbourne is a Mecca for Good Food and Coffee

Melbournians love good coffee and food. Not in a snobby way but in a caring, thoughtful and educated way. It is actually pretty hard to get a bad coffee here. I would say my favourite would be Touchwood in Richmond. But Seven Seeds in the city comes pretty close and you can even take a coffee tasting class there on friday morning. I’m not a drinker so it’s better that wine tasting for me. The Food list is extensive, but let’s talk about top treats. Best Burger hands down is Brother Burger in Fitzroy, homemade buns, pickles, sauce, seasoned hot plate. Plus the diner decor is comfy. For dessert, Yochi frozen yogurt in Carlton, locally sourced ingredients and so much to choose from in the way of toppings.

Photo: Kowtow


4. So Many shopping options

Go second hand shopping on brunswick st it Fitzroy, shop ethical in Northcote. Zero Waste shoppers can get their Milk old school in a refillable bottle at St Davids Dairy in Fitzroy. Melbourne Designers are worth the investment, skip the chain stores and buy quality that will look good for years, my favourite at the moment is Kowtow.


Photo: West Space Gallery


5. Arts and culture

It is a long known fact that Melbourne is the hub of Australia for Arts and culture. And not just for the large events and touring companies, but for long standing theatre companies like La Mama. Theatres come in all shapes and sizes in Melbourne you can have an intimate experience for eight to a Grande Hoorah with 1000 other patrons. Laneways are a favourite. You need to get lost in Melbourne city to find the best. One of my favourite museums West Space Gallery is on top of a Duty Free centre!


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