There’s no denying, spending hours in front of the mirror and hundreds of dollars on makeup can end up frustrating all to have a night out ruined when your makeup seems to disappear into thin air. There’s nothing worse than walking into the bathroom of your favourite bar and looking in the mirror only to see your foundation and contour has moulded into one, your false eyelashes are nowhere to be seen, and your highlight has been replaced by a layer of sweat. So… We’ve pulled together some of the best tips and tricks to keep your makeup lasting for longer, so you can dance the night away without having to worry.



There’s absolutely no use in layering on makeup on top of dead, or oily skin (or heavens forbid, old makeup!). It’s super important to exfoliate and moisturise as a part of your daily skin routine. It’ll mean your makeup will last longer, and look a lot more smooth on your skin! Pro tip: use a oil-free moisturiser to ensure that it absorbs into the skin quickly.


And no… we’re not talking about squats! Toning the skin will ensure that the pH balance is on point. This will give your skin a glowy smooth look both with and without makeup. Toning with a facial mist after cleansing is a must for any beauty routine, and most toning mists can double up as makeup setting spray fter completing your makeup too.


If you only take one thing away from this: make it priming. Using a good quality primer before applying makeup will ensure that your favourite eyeshadow and contour palette will stay on your face for much longer. Primer will seal in your previous skin care, and make sure that the makeup you are using over the top is not

absorbed by the pores of your skin.


To ensure that your foundation stays smoother with loads of coverage for longer, it’s best to choose an oil-free product. Once applied, set your foundation or liquid products (e.g. cream concealer) with powder. Without, your liquid foundations will slide off your skin throughout the day or evening. Tapping powder onto the foundation afterwards will keep your liquids and


creams from moving around.

Using a translucent powder as the last step of your makeup routine will soak up any excess oils left on the skin while also setting the makeup in place.



Finish off your makeup with a setting spray! These sprays can refresh your makeup and also lock in and seal your makeup to last all day and night.




Pack the essentials with you in your bag or clutch to freshen up throughout the night/day. Take your lipstick to re-apply, a sponge to soak up unwanted oil that can appear throughout the duration of your day and a translucent powder and brush to touch up any blemishes.






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