Have you ever wondered why you can finish a full face of makeup, put on your favourite red lipstick and then feel like your teeth suddenly look more yellow than literally 30 minutes ago when you started putting on makeup?

Sometimes we need a super quick fix and don’t have a home whitening kit at the ready to save your lacklustre chompers so here are some makeup hacks to stay clear of looks and hues that degrade your smile!

The most obvious makeup item that could be making your teeth look yellow is your lipstick!! A brilliant article written by Victoria Dawson Hoff for Elle has a collage of the same woman wearing 9 different shades of lipstick shown below. What you can see is that her teeth seem to change colour according to the lipstick she is wearing! (Without her teeth actually changing colour of course!).

Picture from: http://www.elle.com/beauty/makeup-skin-care/tips/a26523/lipstick-shades-that-make-teeth-look-whiter/


The first thing I notice is that the darker shades make her teeth stand out more and in particular the purple/red shade in the bottom right section makes her teeth look whiter compared to many of the other shades.

In Victoria’s article, she recommends wearing shades with a blue undertone or cool undertone, meaning you won’t have a lot of orange in your lipstick to bring out any similar yellow or orange tones in your teeth, such as the top left picture! You can see the model’s teeth look almost the same orange/nude hue as her lipstick shade which is pretty awful.

A product she mentions is a lipstick range specifically designed to make teeth appear whiter by including a turquoise shimmer throughout all of their shades, this range is the Butterfly Ball lipsticks by Lipstick Queen! An example of the blue tinge in their whole range is shown below inthe swatch by the blogger behind A Little Dab Into Makeup:


Pretty cool hey! So according to the material out there, the biggest recommendation is going for violet/blue/turquise toned makeup shades across the board. Now I don’t mean you have to wear purple lipstick and blue eyeshadow because that will probably get you some weird looks and make you want to slap me, what I’m saying is look into the base ‘Tone’ of the makeup you use and check that it has more natural colours. If you want to test it, take a really close look at the skin on your face or arm and try to see what the base colours of your skin are. For mine I see a fair amount of blue, green and red! So that means ditching the orange toned bronzers from forever ago and going for a Taupe (more of a blue/brown/grey shade) bronzer colour (probably the colours you see your Mum using that look really boring…) examples below of a ‘warm’ to ‘cool’ swatch by Colouring Me Happy, a blog site on makeup:


Picture from: http://colouringmehappy.com/2016/06/05/summer-glow-series-part-1-finding-the-best-bronzer-and-contour-for-your-skintone/


Now another handy tip is to go ahead and actually get a tan because in contrast your teeth look whiter! A natural tan that suits your natural skin tone is one good way, but if you aren’t a sun baker and prefer to fake it, try going for a fake tan that matches your skin tone while deepening it for good contrast! Interestingly enough according to a Blog on Brazilian Butterfly, if you have a warm skin tone you want to go for a violet based tan and if you have a cool skin tone you want to go for a green based tan. Guess what green and violet have in common? The primary colour blue!

Now you ask what makes your skin tone cool, warm or neutral for that matter? Well take a look at your wrists, do your veins look green, blue or are there green AND blue veins present? If you only see green veins, you have a warm skin tone, if the veins are blue, then you have a cool skin tone and if you see both you are neutral!

So the evidence is in and the answer to doing your makeup for a whiter looking smile is avoiding the orange looks of the past and going for shades of bronzer, lipstick and foundation that include a little more blue than yellow and red. This will bring out the whiteness of your smile and all the hard work you go to keeping your teeth clean and healthy!

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