Straight Teeth – Clear Aligners Impression Kit


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Straighten your teeth from home using clear aligners.
Start your journey to a new smile with our home impression kit. We’ll send you a video to show you how to take models for your own teeth with our kit and send them back for a 3D checkup and simulation.

Your models will show us if your teeth are suitable for clear aligners to be straightened at home. All treatment is monitored and checked off by our dentists with free visits to our clinics to monitor your treatment when needed.

Before starting treatment you will need a full checkup and xrays with our dentists at our clinic, this is included in the cost of treatment.

If you buy our kit and have trouble taking models of your teeth at home, you’re always welcome to visit our clinic for a free 3D scan.

Cost of treatment additional to the impression kit and any visits to our clinics will be after covid restrictions in Melbourne allow us to make these appointments.

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