If you’ve ever lived in or visited Melbourne there is a good chance you’ve heard about the ‘four seasons in a day’ weather. It may sound like a fun experience, but this will most certainly change when you open your wardrobe in the morning after looking at the weather forecast or get stuck in a thunderstorm when it was literally 30 degrees and sunny 5 minutes ago.

So, we’ve cut out the guesswork when it comes to ‘weather neutral’ clothes, and have pulled together 7 looks that meet Melbourne’s style standards you can depend on, Melbournian to Melbournian.

1. Boyfriend jeans and an oversize tee.

We love boyfriend jeans because they’re long enough to create warmth in the cold, but baggy enough to be breathable in the warmer days. Pair with heels or boots to dress it up, or you’re fav sneakers or sandals for a casual look.
Suitable temperature range: 17 – 30 degrees celsius

2. Mid length bodycon dress w/ a denim jacket

Suitable temperature range: 18 – 40 degrees celsius
Tie the jacket around your waist to cinch it in, or wear when the weather is cooler.


3. Long shirt over jeans

Influenced by the fabulous Indian kurti, a long or baggy shirt over your fav skinny jeans adds layer, style and a touch of ‘ooo that’s something different’ in Melbourne flavour. Bonus if it has a split.
Suitable temperature range: 15 – 30 degrees celsuis

4. Shorts and an oversize jacket

We all know the legs can take a bit more of the cold than our upper body can. Pair with some boots to keep your feet warm for the cooler forecasted days, or sandals for a springtime look!
Suitable temperature range: 18 – 30 degrees celsius

5. Culottes and a long sleeve

The Eastern trend that is culottes is hitting Melbourne hard and here to stay. Dress with some heels for a sophisticated work/dinner look, or be bold with a sneaker statement. Pair with a basic long sleeve you can scrunch up if it gets warmer.
Suitable temperature range: 15 – 30 degrees celsius


Who doesn’t love a statement piece? Jumpsuits are generally a light, breathable material suitable for warmer days, whilst also having enough coverage to get you through those light showers and windy moments.
Suitable temperature range: 20 – 35 degrees celsius

7. Jeans, basic top + long jacket

Long, light cardigans are the perfect addition to add a little more style to your regular “jeans and a tee”.
Suitable temperature range: 15 – 26 degrees celsius

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