Teeth Whitening Kit Tutorial

Follow the step by step on how you use Smiles of Melbourne’s Teeth whitening kit.

Prepare 2 bowls with water. One with cold water and the other one with hot water. And wait for 7-10 minutes before you submerge the trays in it.

  1. Bring a cm of water into a cup to boil and remove from the heat for about 6-7minutes.
  2. Submerge one of the mouth trays for 12 seconds until the tray appears it softens, make sure that you do not over heat the mouth trays.
  3. Mold the mouth tray to your upper teeth by sucking all of the air and excess water from your mouth tray to create a suction. Push the tray into your teeth by pressing firmly onto your upper lip. Leave if for 15 seconds and then submerge the mouth tray into the cold water for 10-15seconds.
  4. Use scissors to cut any excess from the top of the tray towards the gums and also from the back that is too long to fit into your teeth and to isolate all the whitening to go just on your teeth so it doesn’t touch your gums.
  5. The final step is to apply the whitening gel. A great indicator on to how much you need to put on is to use the diameter of the tip of the whitening gel. Place a very thin line of whitening gel across the front of the mouth tray.

Place the mouth tray into your mouth, then simply apply the light and leave it for half an hour.


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The only Teeth Whitening Kit made and sold by dentists. What’s the difference? This one works.

Be careful of buying “Dentist-Grade” whitening kits from non-dentists. Smiles Of Melbourne is Australia’s leading dental practice that focuses exclusively on teeth whitening. We do one thing and we do it well! Simply by being dentists, we get access to more effective ingredients that a non-dentist just cannot get. Always ask if the company you’re buying from is owned and run by Dentists!

The home whitening pack comes with 1 month supply of whitening formula and results are visible from the first application.

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1/33 Macedon Rd, Templestowe Lower, VIC 3107

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Home Whitening Kit

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